What to Expect

  • At Gladstone Animal Clinic, LLC, all dogs are walked and exercised multiple times throughout the day.
  • Your pet will have fresh water at all times.
  • We provide Hill's Science Diet food to all pets. If your pet is currently on a prescription diet, we encourage you to bring it in.
  • Your pet will receive individual attention by the staff at Gladstone Animal Clinic, LLC.
  • If your pet is on any medication, please be sure to bring the medication with you and inform the staff of the frequency and dosage.
  • You are welcome to bring blankets, treats, toys or anything you feel would make your pet's stay more comfortable.

For the protection of your pet, we require ALL pets to be CURRENT on vaccinations. All vaccinations MUST be given by a licensed veterinarian. If your pet was not vaccinated at Gladstone Animal Clinic, LLC, please bring a copy of the vaccination history with you or have it faxed to 816-436-4030. For the best protection, we recommend your pet be vaccinated at least two weeks prior to boarding. We will be happy to vaccinate your pet at the time of boarding if they are due.

Call (816) 436-1100 for questions regarding vaccines.

Office Hours


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